Dialysis (also called renal replacement therapy) is a method of removing excess water, salts, minerals and waste products from the blood when the kidneys fail to do so.  Patients whose kidneys have completely shut down can live productive lives while on dialysis, or they can use dialysis while waiting to receive a kidney transplant.

The nephrologists at St. Clair Nephrology are experts in all aspects of dialysis, including:

  • In-Center Hemodialysis
  • In-Center Self-Care Hemodialysis
  • Nocturnal Dialysis
  • Home Hemodialysis
  • Peritoneal Dialysis

Your care team at St. Clair Nephrology can help identify the best form of dialysis treatment for you.  Our skilled medical professionals are always available to answer questions and coordinate the start of your dialysis treatment.

Our physicians perform rounds at most Metro Detroit dialysis centers.  Click here for a list of the facilities we currently cover.